G-Wack Tempered Glass Protector for Galaxy S6 Edge

Upgrading from a Galaxy S4 to the S6 Edge, I was losing my ballistic glass screen protector. I was a little upset by this because I am such a clutz and of course the one day I take my phone out of its case, I drop it straight on to concrete smashing the screen in the process. Getting a hard plastic screen protector was a must for me so I wouldn’t destroy this phone’s display. When I first got the Edge, it was upset to see that most screen protectors didn’t fully cover the edge sides of the phone. That is definitely not the case with this screen protector. While it isn’t ballistic glass, this screen protector is made of a hard plastic. The kit was packaged very securely during shipment. It came with a wet and dry wipe, a cloth for cleaning the screen prior to application, and the screen protector. There were no instructions inside, but on the back of the box, it had a diagram and easy to follow steps to apply the screen protector. I had no issues whatsoever applying the protector and it covered my phone entirely. It even had a cut out to allow for you to still use the fingerprint reader/menu button. While I’ve yet to drop my phone to test how durable it is, I highly suggest this screen protector to anyone with a Galaxy S6 Edge.

Edit: So since having the glass screen protector, today at work, my phone in a case and a pen decided to battle. Apparently the pen won. Needless to say, I have a nice crack/scratch in the middle right hand side of my protector that has spider webbed somehow to go completely up the side of my screen, down it, and across it. It’s still usable. Doesn’t deter from anything other than annoying me senselessly. This is a medium hard plastic, not ballistic glass. Apparently it also sucks in fights against pens.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review.



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