Robot Vacuum

The Pyle robot vacuum is probably one of the most nifty products I’ve ever bought. Myself and my boyfriend really like it. My cats are terrified of it. It’s a win-win. Anyway, The vacuum comes with the vacuum (obviously), the dock and ac/dc adapter, a remote (batteries sold separately), two brushes already installed, two extra brushes, a filter already installed in the removable dirt collector, an extra filter, and a brush to clean the robot. The instructions are pretty straight forward with pictures. It recommends you charge your robot over night before the first use, but I’ll admit, I was too excited to wait. I immediately ran the robot and noticed immediately that my linoleum floors would never need to see a Swiffer Sweeper again. The carpet, is a little bit of a different story. As this is not a vacuum plugged into the wall like normal, and it’s battery powered, you definitely notice a huge suction difference. It takes a good two or three times to actually vacuum up all the visible pieces of dirt on the carpet (hence my 4 star review). However, just leaving it to vacuum my carpet, you do have to empty the dirt collector frequently because it picks up pet hair (I never knew my cats shed that much.) The robot has three modes: auto, edge (to go around the perimeter of your walls), and spot (goes around starting in a small circle and gets larger until it feels the area is clean and then it switches to auto mode). I was extremely shocked that it knew where there were stairs and would back up and turn around. I also enjoy the scheduling option. Once you turn it to schedule (start in 15 minutes – 23 hours and 45 minutes) it’ll continue to vacuum at that time every day until it’s power gets low, then it returns to the base on its own. Whenever you’re done with the vacuum running, you can press the home button on the robot or remote, and it’ll return to the base on its own as well. It has run over a few wires here and there, but hasn’t destroyed anything. It likes to get on the bottom shelf of my entertainment center and then gets stuck sometimes, but overall, I do recommend this product. It may not completely replace a normal vacuum that you physically plug in to the wall and push around, but it is good for maintenance, and if nothing else, pure torturing of your pets who like to wake you up at 5 am daily. Great product!

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my unbiased review. I highly recommend the Robot Vacuum!


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