Makeup Organizer

It’s no secret for Christmas my amazing boyfriend got me a vanity with a mirror and chair. However, it only has one drawer. So a makeup organizer was an absolute necessity. 

Enter the 3 piece MelodySusie makeup organizer. The organizer has 4 drawers and two caddies to place ample different makeup bottles, nail polishes, even jewelry! It also comes with liners for each drawers to prevent any scratching of anything you stick in the drawers.  The top of the shelves has a little indentation for one caddie, and the second caddie fits inside the bottom drawer. 

This makeup organizer far exeedes my expectations. I am blown away by how sturdy it is, how much it can accommodate, the thoughtfulness to include the liners. I highly recommend this makeup organizer to anyone looking for extra storage! 

MelodySusie® Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer – A Set of 3 Pieces Transparent Mordern Jewelry and Cosmetic Storage / The Best Makeup Holder for All of Your Cosmetics, Jewelries, Nail Polishes etc. 


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