Gaoye Adjustable Car Mount

This is a very sturdy phone holder. It has retractable side holders that can adjust to fit almost any size phone. There are even two little pegs at the bottom to prevent the phone from sliding out of the holder. It does come in two pieces, and there were no instructions for how to put it together, but it’s not rocket science. You have to turn the knob in the back of the phone holder part to loosen the socket. Then you need to push the ball end of the mount in to the socket. It’s quite hard, but with a little elbow grease, it can be done. Just tighten the nut around the ball to stabilize your mount.

The mount itself is a little smaller than I wanted. When placing it on my windshield, I am unable to turn my phone vertically, and it has to stay horizontally (which is fine because honestly, who uses the vertical mode while driving for GPS or music playing?) However, it also is almost not long enough that you have to have the mount about halfway up your windshield but you have to be careful because as it’s up all that way, it’s blocking your view of traffic. Maybe it’s my car windshield? I’m not quite sure. Also, per the item’s description, I’m not sure how you would “mount” this to your dashboard. I tried several times thinking maybe the suction cup on it was magical and had super suction powers to no luck.

I do like this car mount though, and would recommend it based on how sturdy it feels when it’s holding my phone. Bonus points for being able to hold my phone WHILE it’s in the case. 🙂

I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion and review.