Clothing Sorter

No more are the days of multiple laundry baskets clogging up my bedroom. No more are the days of falling up or down the stairs as my cats run at me while I’m carrying a hamper to do laundry.

This laundry sorter is absolutely amazing! To add to that, putting it together was easy too!

Everything is included as pictured and the directions are pretty simple to follow too. You even get the three different colored bags so you’re able to sort clothes any way you want. (I chose the white bag for whites, tan bag for towels/sheets, and navy blue bag for colors.)

Having the second laundry sorter allows me extra bags to switch out when I take a full bag from the bedroom where our dirty clothes are, to the basement to begin the laundry process. I don’t have to have laundry sorted on the floor in piles where bugs or my wonderful cats can play on. The sorter in the basement has the wheels on them so I can move it closer to the washer when I’m loading it up.

Great value for a great tool!


Homz Triple Clothing Sorter with Wheels, 3 Removable Bags, 31″ x 16″ x 30.5″


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