Makeup Organizer

It’s no secret for Christmas my amazing boyfriend got me a vanity with a mirror and chair. However, it only has one drawer. So a makeup organizer was an absolute necessity. 

Enter the 3 piece MelodySusie makeup organizer. The organizer has 4 drawers and two caddies to place ample different makeup bottles, nail polishes, even jewelry! It also comes with liners for each drawers to prevent any scratching of anything you stick in the drawers.  The top of the shelves has a little indentation for one caddie, and the second caddie fits inside the bottom drawer. 

This makeup organizer far exeedes my expectations. I am blown away by how sturdy it is, how much it can accommodate, the thoughtfulness to include the liners. I highly recommend this makeup organizer to anyone looking for extra storage! 

MelodySusie® Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer – A Set of 3 Pieces Transparent Mordern Jewelry and Cosmetic Storage / The Best Makeup Holder for All of Your Cosmetics, Jewelries, Nail Polishes etc. 


Bath Bombs

Calily Bath Bombs (Set of 6)

I took the plunge when I bought this set of 6 bath bombs. I’d heard about them but never used them. This was a wonderful purchase! 6 bombs are included in this set and each one has a different smell and different ingredients. They’re about the size of a tennis ball, and they definitely have a soothing effect.

I work long hours in a hospital, mostly on my feet running around on multiple floors. When I come home after a long and exhausting shift, these bath bombs are my go-to. Just run the water in the tub and throw the bomb in. I usually wait until the tub is at least half full before adding a bomb just so it doesn’t dissolve too quickly. The smell that they create is enthralling.

I wish my boyfriend would have thought about these amazing creations before I had to find out for myself. Bubble baths are gone… you have a new favorite pass time. I will definitely be buying these again!

Bath Bombs (Set of 6) by Calily - Natural Bath Bombs To Indulge, Relax and Nourish Senses, Skin, Body and Spirit - Bath Bomb Kit With Six Different Essential Oil Bath Bombs - Gluten-Free & Vegan

Calily Bath Bombs (Set of 6)

Clothing Sorter

No more are the days of multiple laundry baskets clogging up my bedroom. No more are the days of falling up or down the stairs as my cats run at me while I’m carrying a hamper to do laundry.

This laundry sorter is absolutely amazing! To add to that, putting it together was easy too!

Everything is included as pictured and the directions are pretty simple to follow too. You even get the three different colored bags so you’re able to sort clothes any way you want. (I chose the white bag for whites, tan bag for towels/sheets, and navy blue bag for colors.)

Having the second laundry sorter allows me extra bags to switch out when I take a full bag from the bedroom where our dirty clothes are, to the basement to begin the laundry process. I don’t have to have laundry sorted on the floor in piles where bugs or my wonderful cats can play on. The sorter in the basement has the wheels on them so I can move it closer to the washer when I’m loading it up.

Great value for a great tool!


Homz Triple Clothing Sorter with Wheels, 3 Removable Bags, 31″ x 16″ x 30.5″

Steam Cleaner

I purchased this Steaming Cleaner to use for my clothes that have wrinkles… Boy was I surprised! I didn’t realize that this handy little gadget can actually do a multitude of other things too. Dirty windows? No problem. Stain on the carpet? What stain!? Spilled wine on the couch? You’re a monster! But it can be cleaned easily!

This cleaner comes with several different attachments to for all your needs. The possibilities are endless. And for the price? This is a golden deal!

This steamer is super easy to use too! All you do is add water to the reservoir, plug the machine in and let it get hot! Just add the head for your needs and you’re all set! It’s that easy! The best part is, the steamer is leak proof so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself either! I’d definitely recommend this steamer to anyone! You never know when it may come in handy!


ProduTrend Miracle Steam Electric Handheld Steam Cleaner With Various Attachments

Full Body TENS Unit

I have been having back pain for about a month. It got to the point where I was taking 1000 mg of ibuprofen every 5 hours and barely making a dent in the pain.   Working in a hospital became very difficult for me to do. Especially when you’re on the code team and have to do CPR. Enter this amazing TENS unit.

The thing that really sold me, was the fact that I could easily hide the TENS unit under my scrubs and not gave to worry about the sensors falling off.

The unit is easy to use. Just plug and play! If you’re ambitious, you can read the directions and it’ll tell you which number corresponds to what anatomical part. (I however, don’t read directions!)

After using my TENS unit for 3 days, I’m happy to report my back pain is completely gone. Well worth the money! Well worth the wait!

Sunmas Sm9065 Full Body Electronic Muscle Stimulation Toning Massager with Massage Belt and Arm Band -black