Bath Bombs

Calily Bath Bombs (Set of 6)

I took the plunge when I bought this set of 6 bath bombs. I’d heard about them but never used them. This was a wonderful purchase! 6 bombs are included in this set and each one has a different smell and different ingredients. They’re about the size of a tennis ball, and they definitely have a soothing effect.

I work long hours in a hospital, mostly on my feet running around on multiple floors. When I come home after a long and exhausting shift, these bath bombs are my go-to. Just run the water in the tub and throw the bomb in. I usually wait until the tub is at least half full before adding a bomb just so it doesn’t dissolve too quickly. The smell that they create is enthralling.

I wish my boyfriend would have thought about these amazing creations before I had to find out for myself. Bubble baths are gone… you have a new favorite pass time. I will definitely be buying these again!

Bath Bombs (Set of 6) by Calily - Natural Bath Bombs To Indulge, Relax and Nourish Senses, Skin, Body and Spirit - Bath Bomb Kit With Six Different Essential Oil Bath Bombs - Gluten-Free & Vegan

Calily Bath Bombs (Set of 6)


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